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Waterside Women


"Alison is the ABSOLUTE greatest! I have been having her do my hair from cuts to colors (almost every color under the sun!) to extensions for over 10 years now! She is very wise and knows her trade inside and out. I also appreciate how she keeps up with the new trends. She knows what fits your face and gives excellent feedback and advice! Can't go wrong with ALISON! Xo"


Best a-line ever!


—  Holly K.

Here's what I do best...

The Buzz Around Town...

"Alison and been "beautifying" me for almost 20 years. Around 8 years ago, she introduced me to extensions and it has given me a whole knew look and confidence. I have really thin hair that takes forever to grow and Alison is so versed in what she does, that I can buy extensions of any color and she can match my hair to a tee.  For years, people just thought I had a beautiful head of hair. I can't boast enough about Alison and her ability to make one feel glamorous. Thank you Alison for all these years of being my sole hairdresser. I look forward to the many more years to come."

Hillery D.

"I started going to Ali as a fluke someone ruined my hair before I was going on vacation. I was upset but you know what can you do? Well Ali came to my rescue! By the time I left for my trip I was looking good and feeling confident. Three years later I just sit down in her chair and say do whatever she want because I know no matter what I will walk out feeling beautiful."

Shayla T.

"My family has been going to Alison for years and we love her so much. I wouldn't let anyone touch my hair but her."

Reese C.

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