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Hey gorgeous, I'm Alison!

Specializing in blondes, brunnettes, cuts, styling, and hair extensions.

She is the resident celebrity therapist, can give you amazing styling tips as working mama who wants to stay modern on a budget and makes the best chocolate chip cookies in the world!

"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the opportunity to make my clients learn to love their hair. Hair doesn't have to feel like a chore...It can be fun!


If you sit in my chair, plan to find a new-found passion for styling your hair even if your mornings seem to feel like sheer chaos. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable."

I became a hair stylist because I fell in love with the energy of a room that was filled with hair talk at an early age. I knew that i wanted the opportunity to have powerful, fun connections with women day after day and I have spent 21 years doing that.

I am fueled by my love for cold brew coffee and snuggling with my son. When I'm not in the salon, I am "trying" to get my workout on, shopping at the local Target, or taking random adventures with my husband.

As someone who changes her hair a lot, I knew that it was hard to find someone ready, willing, and to say "no that wont look good" very hard to come by. While I love balayage and is a self professed highlighting master, brunnettes and dimensional blondes are really my sweet spot and I would love the opportunity to discuss taking your gorgeous locks to the next level.

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